What to do with a home that won't sell

One of the worst things as a homeowner is when you've got a house that you can't put on the market because it's not up to par with what people are looking for on the MLS.


Most buyers are looking for homes that are ready to move in, and a home that is "ugly" or just needs repairs usually won't even get any views.


So, why's that a problem? Well, as the owner, you don't get get any money at all for the property, or people are going to severely undercut you so they can turn it into a project house.


Here's what you can do if you're trying to sell your house and have little to no budget.


Try to maximize curb appeal


This goes for any type of house:


If you want your house to look appealing and have the highest chance of selling, take care of the curb appeal.


Whether that means doing a $50 pressure wash or a new coat of pain or just simply making sure the lawn is decently groomed, give your home the highest chance of success by making the front look as good as possible.


Even if the structure itself is badly damaged and looks absolutely hideous, don't let the front yard get out of hand.


That simply gives the potential buyers even more leverage if they are looking to get a better deal, or will just drive others away because they don't even want to get near the front door.


By maximizing curb appeal, you're going to help improve the first impression of anyone coming to the house and it'll set the frame for better negotiations.


Talk to a home investor


There are companies out there that focus on relieving homeowners of properties they don't want or can't handle and restoring those structures to former glory.


These types of companies buy homes for cash, meaning they will purchase your home by giving you a cash offer.


It's not scammy and it's not fake.


When you talk to a home investor, they will assess the property and tell you how much they are willing to offer you.


Usually this number has to meet a certain criteria.. they have limitations that they work with that makes the deal worth it for them, so they will usually know what that number is that they can't go past.


The investor will try as best as possible to make sure you get out of any remaining mortgage and come out with cash in your pocket.


In some cases, people are already in too deep and they're not going to get any cash for their equity, but they will prevent foreclosure or having to deal with a monthly mortgage that they can no longer afford.


If you accept the offer, the investor is able to close within 3-14 days, depending on the situation. Some closings have been known to close in as little as 3 days, on the day before a foreclosure auction.


At closing, you directly receive a check and this is cash directly to you.


You don't have to give up any money for repairs, closing costs, commissions, or any hidden fees. Investors take care of all of that.


The number that you receive in your offer is exactly what you'd expect to receive in cash/check at closing.


So, if you're dealing with a home that you can't sell for any reason, or even a home that is simply just becoming a burden to you, reach out to these investors and find one that will give you the highest offer.