Learning the different style of investor


Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build a stable base of wealth in ones life. Ranging from rentals to wholesales or buy-and-holds. You can learn the difference between an investor and agent.

Flipping Homes

This is usually the process of buying homes at a discount because of their condition or situation, then going through a remodel or renovation in order to sell it on the market for a higher price.


Putting homes under a contract with the intention of finding a real estate investor who is willing to purchase the property for cash. This is usually because the homeowner can no longer afford the house.


Long-term holds, where an investor buys single-family, duplex, or multi-unit complexes in order to generate monthly recurring revenue and build their real estate wealth over time.

What is a real estate investor and how does it differ from real estate agents and traditional processes when it comes to the buying and selling of property.


Learn the difference between an investor and agent.

What happens when your home is too ugly or damaged to be listed on the MLS? There are other options, such as finding an investor who is willing to purchase the house for cash, without requiring any repairs.


What to do if you have a home that won't sell.


How much do you spend on home energy per month? $200? What about per year? $2400? Wouldn't you rather do something else with that money?


What if there was a way to completely eliminate your energy bill and use that money for something else?


Find out how to get rid of your energy bill.